Custom Restaurant Fixtures and Furniture

Build the Ideal the Dining Environment

Whether you operate a Michelin-starred establishment or a quick-service restaurant, you want your guests to have an amazing experience. Colony Display works with our restaurant clients to create dining environments that make guests feel comfortable and at ease while meeting the needs of front- and back-of-house staff.

As we do in our groceryhospitality, and retail segments, Colony Display provides a full suite of services for restaurants, including custom restaurant interior design, production and installation. We service the full scope of restaurant experiences, from quick-service restaurants to fast-casual restaurants to upscale dining establishments.

Restaurant Fixture & Furniture Capabilities

Colony Display’s restaurant segment capabilities include:

  • Custom design – From furniture to fixtures, if you can dream it up for your restaurant, we can design it.
  • Consolidation – Consolidate different installation elements and coordinate for scalable locations, such as dining areas, kitchen areas and host stations.
  • Custom fixture manufacturing & production– We produce all environmental elements (wood, metal and plastics) with full-service capabilities. – We produce all environmental elements (wood, metal and plastics) with full-service capabilities.
  • Installation – ​​Our installation team goes out to new locations to receive finished goods and complete the installation, all without the need for dedicated project management from the restaurant.
  • Storage – We can store products in our warehouse for new and renovated restaurants.

We’ll help you eliminate the need for any costly third-party support with some or all of these services depending on your needs.

Custom Furniture for Restaurants – Examples

Here are a few examples of fixtures and furniture we can impeccably design, produce and install in your restaurant environment: 

  • Seating – Tables, chairs, barstools, restaurant booths, high tables
  • Front-of-house fixtures – hostess stand, bar counters, display shelving, food station, beverage station.
  • Millwork – Custom millwork for the entrance area, dining room, bar & more.
  • Back-of-house fixtures  Food prep station, kitchen fixtures, employee areas.

We can work with you to develop comfortable and functional furniture, fixtures and more that meet the unique needs of your restaurant, whether you have a traditional or modern restaurant design aesthetic.

Why Choose Colony Display for Custom Restaurant Furniture and Fixtures

Colony Display has wide-ranging capabilities and years of expertise in the restaurant segment. We provide our clients with:

  • Shorter lead times 
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Value engineering 
  • Build quality consistently above industry standards
  • Wide network of suppliers to source materials that cannot be made in-house, allowing for chain-wide customization

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