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Kitchen Countertops Complete a Stunning Showroom

Picture this: Everything looks spectacular in a kitchen showroom—except for the missing countertops. Where do you think customers are going to look?

A massive home improvement retailer asked Colony Display to help solve their kitchen showroom installation issues, including lost revenue, sloth-like timelines and unsightly unfinished pieces. Read on to learn how Colony Display streamlined the countertop production and installation process for this retailer to boost production and revenue.

About the Client

This home improvement retailer is one of the largest in the world. Customers rely on design hubs within stores to help ideate and develop their dream homes. Kitchen showrooms are an integral part of these centers.

The Challenge

The retailer was producing 75–150 new kitchen showrooms per year, each featuring beautiful and thoughtfully created vignette scenes designed to help customers imagine how products could look in real life. But oftentimes, the vignettes would be missing countertops for months—sometimes a year—at a time.

After the bulk of the showroom pieces were installed, they would then call on local providers to measure, procure and cut countertops. This inefficient process left the showroom looking unappealing, and it made it difficult to sell customers a full kitchen package. The design hub wasn’t providing a welcoming environment for customers or living up to its massive revenue potential.

The retailer asked Colony Display to provide a solution that would create a warm, inviting and 100% complete kitchen showroom by the time the installation team left. (Essentially, no more missing countertops for ages.)

Our Solution

The client was skeptical that a centrally fabricated countertop process would work. But with Colony Display’s years of kitchen showroom manufacturing and installation experience under our belts, we were able to demonstrate the possibilities and benefits. Colony Display provided the following services for this kitchen countertop showroom project:

  • Centrally fabricated all countertops—including many different types like quartz, marble, laminate, graphite and more
  • Packed and protected countertops for transit to the store
  • Installed countertops to render the vignette displays fully operational and complete

The Results

Since Colony Display partnered with this retailer on kitchen showrooms, they have been producing double the number of new showrooms per year. 

The client is very pleased with our work and the exciting results it’s produced:

Colony Display is here to make your job easier. If you’re interested in streamlining showroom manufacturing and installation in your retail store, contact us today to learn more.