Pharmacy Customer

Making Fast Work of Millwork Packages for a National Pharmacy Customer

A pharmacy customer was getting bogged down by using a single vendor for their millwork needs. Then Colony Display stepped in. Since 2016, Colony Display has partnered with this customer on various millwork fixtures throughout their stores, from the pharmacy to the checkout counter to employee areas and beyond. Read on to learn more about how we’ve been able to pump out large quantities of fixtures while cutting down on engineering and production lead times.

Background on Our Pharmacy Customer

This customer is the largest pharmacy chain in the U.S., with nearly 10,000 locations across the country. 

While other retail outlets have seen fluctuating sales due to volatile market conditions, this pharmacy has remained unaffected by these changes as there’s a constant need for the types of products they offer. Customer demand requires retail environment partners who can keep up with this customer’s growth.

The Challenge

This pharmacy customer was using a single vendor for all of their millwork needs, including new stores and remodels. This one-vendor setup led to extended production times, which unfortunately had a trickle-down effect on other timelines. And with the customer’s ever-changing store designs, they needed vendors that were versatile, fast and flexible. That’s when Colony Display came in to take on new store fixture development.

Our Solution

Not only did we alleviate the burden on the customer’s other vendor, we also opened up new possibilities with our extensive and customizable range of product and service options.

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Case Study - CVS_1B
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Here are some of the key benefits we were able to offer the pharmacy as their millwork fixture vendor for new stores: 

Fast Turnaround – Colony Display’s standard millwork parts can be made in various finishes. By building our standard millwork parts ahead of time and holding inventory, we’re able to offer solutions that utilize these standard packages to cut down on engineering and production lead times.

High Volume – We have an extremely well-organized facility with the ability to pump out large quantities of fixtures.

Excellent Quality – We've standardized with other millwork vendors and improved on designs through our value-engineering and manufacturing efficiencies.

Flexibility – Our wide range of capabilities allow us to create fixtures for many different parts of the store, including pharmacy, checkout, employee areas, end panels, and more.

Expert Instruction & QA – Colony Display’s team does the takeoffs to create crystal clear and concise and installation instructions bills of materials (BOMs) for each store. Our engineers and project managers who designed the fixture also ensure that we are building and shipping exactly what each store needs.

Easy Reordering – Our detailed BOMs make it easy to reorder fixtures as needed. 


The Results & What's Next

The customer has been thrilled with the speed, efficiency and quality of Colony Display’s work in the new store millwork arena. Since this project has been so successful, we’ve also helped with fixtures within their photo lab department and with new initiatives, including pharmacy designs and prototype stores.

We have developed a strong partnership with this pharmacy customer and hope to provide them with support for years to come.

If you’re interested in working with Colony Display to elevate the consumer environment in your store, contact us today!