National Retail Pharmacy Chain

The Importance of Our Internal Feedback Loop

  • Client: One of the largest retail pharmacy chains in the United States  
  • Project Name: Pop-Up Consultation Room 
  • List of Colony services utilized: design, rendering, engineering, prototype, short test run, domestic production, logistics 
  • Timeline of entire project: 2020 and 2021 
  • Materials used: wood, metal, acrylic 
  • Project description: Creating a unit that functioned as a privacy room for patients that is quick to set up, stable, durable, and seamlessly blends with existing store design 
  • Unique challenges faced: Units had to be ADA compliant and seismic approved, also had to be able to install unit in a store quickly and easily  
  • Solution developed to overcome challenge: A room that can be assembled like a fixture, but looks like an architectural element

Improving an Existing Element 

Providing a private and comfortable environment is imperative during a health consultation.  When this pharmacy retailer needed to replace their existing, flimsy structures for true consultation rooms, Colony was chosen to create something entirely new.  The goal was to make the area feel more permanent and established in order to make those coming in for appointments feel more at ease during their service visit. 

The Process

A unit was created that visually blended with the store’s current layout and features.  As the retailer provided additional feedback with each iteration, the design evolved.  Colony provided several options for each change identified, in addition to internal feedback to their other team members.  This internal loop of communication ensures each part of the process stays aligned until a final design is complete.   

The Result

The new consultation room design provides a private and comfortable environment for customers and come to the pharmacy retailer for their health-related needs.  The look and feel of this unit works perfectly within the store’s current retail footprint. 

The Impact

Customers now feel more comfortable discussing private and sensitive information within the new designated, more permanent consultation room area.  The pharmacy retailer has worked with Colony prior to this project and plans to work with them again as soon as the need arises. 

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