Sam Rinaldo

Sam Rinaldo

Chief of Staff

Sam Rinaldo is Colony’s Chief of Staff, working alongside the leadership team daily and learning new things about team members and their respective departments. In his words, “The leadership team has the perfect mix of personalities and experience that makes working here fun and exciting every day.  The culture is team-orientated, and every employee takes pride in doing their part.” He finds it invaluable to learn more about the individual successes throughout every level of the organization.

Having been with Colony since 2016, Sam feels like he’s had the most impact developing client relationships and experiences. “Whether internally or externally,” he says,” connecting with clients and team members and developing a mutual trust is a key factor in long term success.”

In his free time, you will most likely find Sam hanging out with his wife and two boys, whether that be grilling, having bonfires, or just watching TV.  Between school, sports, and activities, they are quite a busy family.  He also loves both the Chicago Bears and Cubs, through the good and the bad.