Rosaria Petralia

Rosaria Petralia

Vice President of Operations

As the Vice President of Operations, Rosaria takes a vested interest in her crew and making sure they are empowered to continually learn and grow.   As she puts it: “Everyone has different personalities and finding the right way to work with them individually is important.“  She challenges herself to understand what tools and resources each of them need, which gives her a deeper understanding of how to best manage them as a team.  This has a direct correlation to Colony’s ability to consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

Rosaria’s approach to managing her team has reciprocal benefits; she believes they teach her how to be a better supervisor as well.  The collective goal is to deliver that elevated experience.  And the team comes away from each project with a refined sense of what it takes to deliver that promise.   

Beyond Colony, family is the heart of Rosaria’s life.  “I have a big loud Italian family that loves to spend time together.  We usually are always together having dinner, playing cards or just hanging out.”  She also loves old school hip hop, salsa, and country music, but if you were to convince her to do karaoke, it would be Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” all the way.