Nick Bolen

Nick Bolen

Vice President of Sales

Nick is Colony’s VP of Sales, joining the team in March of 2021 and immediately enthusiastic about how this team was run.  “From the first phone call, I was impressed by the authenticity, dedication, and passion for the business,” he says, adding, “I knew instantly I wanted to be a part of it.”  He has enjoyed learning the niche techniques of the service delivery executed by the team and feels like he learns new things every single day.

While Nick thinks Colony excels in every individual stage of their process, he finds it’s something special when a client fully experiences The Colony Approach.  His position here impacts every one of those stages.  He can attest to the fact that these clients receive the highest level of service, competitive prices, and quick speed to market, which work to exceed expectations with every encounter.  The best part of his job?  “Seeing the final product come to life.” 

When he’s away from Colony, Nick enjoys spending time with his wife and two children going to sports games or just hanging out together.  On the weekends, you can often find him on the golf course or working on his house.