Maira Cervantes

Maira Cervantes

General Manager of Manufacturing

Maira started at Colony as a temp employee (her very first job) to now working as a General Manager of Manufacturing. For her, Colony has provided the right amount of freedom to grow and learn from her experiences. The ability to ask effective questions in order to approach every scenario efficiently is a skill that Maira has learned throughout her time at Colony, along with improving both her teamwork and communication skills.

Though her role is not directly client facing, Maira is tagged in on tight deadlines and keeps updated progress notes on every project timeline. She values the fact that the Colony team can count on her to ensure projects run smoothly and on track. She is passionate about both learning through experience as well as teaching others and watching them apply those experiences to future work.

On the weekends, Maira is often spending time hiking with her two dogs or reading. On the flip side, she also enjoys gaming and roaming Reddit.