Len Puccini

Len Puccini

Director of IT

As the IT Director, Len is responsible for the IT team that provides technology services, security, and administration to the organization.  Asked about his experience at Colony and why he has been able to excel, Len says, "Colony's diversity and culture along with top notch leadership and passion are what enables Colony to propel to the top."

Len's background evolved from designing HVAC equipment to entering the technology field through the vast use and integration of CAD products and IT system designs, and consulting.  Len says that his team is what makes Colony able to support its customers and employees with best-in-class service and problem solving.

Len enjoys working on his home, spending time with family, and rarely takes a break from technology as that is his passion. His interests include watching the Blackhawks, Bulls and Cubs, rebuilding cars and spending time with his God sons.