Chief Operating Officer

It is important to understand Chuck’s longstanding history with Colony to know how much he values the organization and more importantly, its people. He believes investing in his employees first and, as he puts it, “cultivating a culture of respect, developing leadership, staying connected with all levels of the company and making sure I’m always able to support employees in their career path.”

Chuck believes the diversity of his team is a “powerful tool,” utilizing varied perspectives across departments to build creative approaches to problem solving on behalf of Colony’s customers. He takes pride in executing complex solutions because he knows how much work went into the processes and details to make it happen.

A self-described “Gymnastics Dad,” Chuck spends much of his free time traveling to meets with his wife Alicia and two daughters. He is also a big gamer, which allows him to unwind at the end of the day while also connecting with friends. His other interests include the gym, running, skiing, and playing golf.